Mindscapes NB



What is Mindscapes New Brunswick?

Mindscapes New Brunswick is a Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick initiative which strives to empower persons with lived experience of mental illness.  It is a well-deserved celebration of the abilities and talents of people who have experiences mental illness.  Through creative expression, the talented artists who contribute to this exhibit will make an important connection by reaching out to everyone who views their works.

CMHA of NB is very proud of this exhibition which celebrates the artistic abilities of persons with lived experience of mental illness in New Brunswick. CMHA of NB is a non-profit organization and we work extremely hard each year to secure enough sponsorship to ensure that we are able to proceed with Mindscapes NB.

Mindscapes New Brunswick has the ability to shift the general public’s way of thinking to focus on the abilities of mental health consumers rather than their disabilities.  It changes the public’s mindset and dispels the myths that surround mental illness.  People realize that mental health consumers are valuable and can do many positive things with their lives despite their illness.


City Artists

Pieces of Art

2006 Fredericton 29 59
2007 Moncton 34 58
2008 Saint John 37 70
2009 Edmundston 40 79
2010 Caraquet 59 78
2011 Fredericton 79 86
2012 Bathurst 77 105
2013 Dieppe 59 75
2014 Miramichi 74 109
2015 Saint John 93 153
2016 Fredericton 50 65

Let’s dispel the myths and destroy the stigma attached to mental illness!

Mindscapes New Brunswick is one way to help. 

Thank you to the Department of Health for their continued support with Mindscapes NB.


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