Building Assertiveness Skills

Building Assertiveness Skills is a program designed to teach women how to stand up for their personal rights – expressing thoughts, feelings and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate ways while still respecting the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of others. The program will teach what assertiveness is, how it affects your life, where it comes from and how it is developed.  After assertiveness skills are taught, participants will then have the opportunity each week to practice using these skills within the group setting.

The program will cover the differences between assertive and aggressive, passive-aggressive, and submissive behaviors, and it will also allow you to examine the effect that your self-worth has on your ability to be assertive.

Confidentiality and privacy of sharing within the program is strongly promoted.

Program Length: 6 weeks, 2 hours per session

Next Start Date:
Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

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To register for this program or for more information, please call (506) 633-1705.


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