“Changing the face of mental illness has been a big part of my passion in life.  The idea or notion that some day we could sit around coffee shops and discuss mental illness… like how we talk about what once was considered taboo topics such as breast cancer or prostrate cancer… can and will happen.  The very idea of normalizing mental illness and the very idea of reducing or eliminating stigma has been both a goal and a dream of mine.

There is still a lot of work to do with regards to education, advocacy, and supporting those with mental health issues.  Through our group psychotherapy programs,  CMHA of NB offers coping skills to those in need of mental health therapy in our communities.

As people become more comfortable talking about their mental illness or their loved ones mental health issues the demand for services will increase and we will be called upon to keep up with the demand.  The Board and CMHA of NB’S great staff will be up for the challenge.

I love our CMHA of NB staff, they work tirelessly to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental health in urban and rural New Brunswick.   Their commitment to educating New Brunswickers is unquestionable.   I appreciate the work they do everyday, and I look forward to this year and for many years to come working with CMHA of NB.

I have been with CMHA of NB for over 12 years, and I still have the passion and drive today as I did when I started!”

– Roger Stoddard, President, CMHA of NB

Board of Directors, CMHA of NB, 2018
  • President – Roger Stoddard
  • Vice President – Joy Bacon
  • Treasurer – Angela Hickey
  • Secretary – Dr. Rice Fuller (Past President, 2015-2017)
  • NB Mental Health Consumer Network – Francine Bernier
  • Member at Large – Aaron Savage
  • Member at Large – Gail Asbell
  • Member at Large – Amanda O’Sullivan
  • Member at Large – Susanna DeWolfe
  • Member at Large – Paulette Levesque
  • Member at Large – Sean Kinney


If you are interested in becoming a CMHA of NB Board Member, please call our provincial office for more details. 

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