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Working: Stronger Together is a not for profit agency that provides employment related services, at no cost, for qualifying individuals in Charlotte County having difficulty finding meaningful and sustainable employment.


Working: Stronger Together clients also benefit from our employer network.  We are able to connect with many of the employers of Charlotte County offering an advantage that has resulted in many of our clients becoming employed while providing employers with dedicated and skilled employees.

Are you looking for a job?

Do you have a disability and are having difficulty finding or keeping a job due to:

  • Lack of skills or training?Picture2
  • Little work experience?

Employment Counselors work with their clients to ensure they receive services that target their individual needs.

As a client of Working: Stronger Together you will receive services that target the areas in which you need assistance.

We offer help with:

  • How to Prepare an Effective Resume
  • Networking
  • Job Search Skills including the Hidden Job Market
  • Interview Techniques
  • Job Retention Skills
  • Training

Working: Stronger Together has access to various wage subsidies, job coaching, job craving, offer clients one on one career counselling to ensure they are equipped with all the tools necessary to succeed in the work world.

Once clients begin working, we will provide both the employer and the client continued support when clients are hired.

Our service also offers:

  • Free photocopying,
  • Free faxing, and
  • Free access to the Internet for searching job listings and posting resumes.


Employment is a central feature of life for the majority of ADULTS.

Work provides:

  • Opportunity for economic self-sufficiency
  • Fosters social connectedness to others in society
  • Contributes to a sense of dignity and self-worth
  • Serves as a means of self-expression

Persons with intellectual disabilities are under-represented in the labour market.

Perceived benefits of work for persons with intellectual disabilities are the same as those of the non-disable population.

Benefits of working:

  • Sense of feeling productive and staying busy
  • Having relationships with co-workers
  • Feeling important
  • Increased income
  • Having opportunities for continued growth and advancement

The idea is to promote real inclusion in the work world.

For more information or an appointment, please contact the office closest to you.

Jennifer Price
123 Milltown Blvd, Suite 100, St Stephen
(506) 466-7566

Michelle Gayton
5 Riverview Ave., St. George
(506) 755-4147

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