Kids Have Stress Too!

Program Information:

Developed by The Psychology Foundation of Canada, the KHST!®(Kids Have Stress, Too!), program is designed to influence young children’s social and emotional development. This program teaches parents, educators, and other caregivers to help children enhance their physical, mental, emotional and behavioral coping skills, thinking styles and key abilities during the important window of opportunity throughout the preschool and elementary school years (4-9 years). The program includes a range of resources designed for parents and those who work , with young children directly in early learning settings, and for classroom teachers.


  • the impact of stress on young children ages 3-9 years
  • how to recognize and respond to stress in children
  • the key role relationships with parents and caregivers
  • play in helping children learn to manage stress
  • age-appropriate stress-management techniques that help teach children to relax and become more resilient
  • effective ways to promote positive emotional development and self regulation in young children

March 11 – 25, 2019, 6:00 p.m.
Please call 506-455-5231 or email to register.



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