ASIST Suicide Awareness


What will you get from the training?

  • Attitudes about suicide
  • Effective suicide intervention techniques
  • How to recognize and assess the risk of suicide
  • Information about community resources

The ASIST program emphasizes suicide first-aid and helping a person at risk stay safe and seek further help. This is a two day program, that trains attendees how to recognize invitations for help, how to reach out and offer support, how to review the risk of suicide, how to apply a suicide intervention model, and provides them with a link to community resources.

This workshop is designed for clinicians, social workers, teachers, nurses, police, clergy, probation officers, psychologists, front line workers, parents, psychologists and the concerned public. Each year more people die by suicide than from all of the several armed conflicts around the world. In some areas, there are as many or more suicides as those dying in traffic accidents. For every suicide, there are 100 times more individuals who are injured by these attempts.

This program provides participants with the ability to recognize that most people consider sharing their distress and their intent to take their own lives. Through proper training, we can see and respond to these invitations for help.

For more information on the ASIST program, please contact the local Suicide Prevention Committee.

This program was created by LivingWorks.

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