Living Life To The Full


 “This course has given me tools I have been searching for, for over 20 years. I have received numerous supports for my depression over the years but have not come across a more helpful, manageable, doable program that can be implemented immediately.”

Want to know how to feel happier, more confident and worry less right now? Would you like to learn new ways of dealing with what life throws at you?  Living Life to the Full offers you enjoyable and interactive courses that will help you understand your feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and what to do about them!

In 8 fun, friendly 90-minute sessions, Living Life to the Full helps people make a difference in their lives. Each session is moderated by a trained facilitator and includes a booklet, handouts, exercises and discussions.

Topics include:

  • Write All Over Your Bathroom Mirror
  • Why Do I Feel So Bad?
  • I Can’t Be Bothered Doing Anything
  • Why Does Everything Always Go Wrong?
  • I’m Not Good Enough
  • How To Fix Almost Everything
  • The Things You Do That Mess You Up
  • Are You Strong Enough To Keep Your Temper?
  • Ten Things You Can Do To Feel Happier Straight Away

Living Life to the Full was developed by Dr. Chris Williams, UK psychiatrist, and CMHA BC Division holds the exclusive licence to the program in Canada.


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